About us
              Headquartered in a strategic region, in the city of Maringá, state of Paraná, which has a high production of our main raw material, “corn”. This region also facilitates the flow of our final products, both in the domestic market, through highways and railroads, and in the foreign market, close to the main national ports.
We invest in the quality of our products, starting with the evaluation of our suppliers in the field to analyzes carried out in laboratories. We care about the products that enter our company as well as the products shipped, thus guaranteeing the total quality standard for our customers and consumers.
We have implemented and give extreme importance to Good Food Manufacturing Practices required by the competent tax authorities, with a qualified team to instruct employees and monitor receipt, process and dispatch.
All this, together with the high technology of equipment installed in our industry to obtain the most varied products obtained from degerming and grinding corn.

Telefone: 44 3025-1251
Rod. PR 317, KM 106 Lote 206 B, 7169, Pq. Industrial Mário Bulhões, CEP: 87.065-0005 - Maringá / PR